Shelves designed and constructed with Keegan Hannaway for Yu Mei’s collaboration with Wellington City Mission. All material was donated by Wellington Airport. The collaboration raised $50,000 in donations for the WCM, with the shelves being donated too.

18 Tables

18 tables designed and constructed for the Function Room at Boomrock Lodge. The brief was to design sturdy tables that could be folded flat, and lifted by one person. By using maple clashed birch ply for top surfaces, and pine with oak crossmembers for the legs, a solid and hardwearing, yet lightweight solution was born.

Photo Shelf

An array of 10 1280x720px screens displaying 10 years of my photos. Each screen represents one year, ranging from 2010-2019. They are on a 5 second per photo, chronologically looping slideshow, with some years lasting up to 8 hours. The end result is an ever-deepening, almost overwhelming look into my life. This array contains every … Continued


Bookshelves that doubled as bench style seating designed and constructed for a clients house on Oriental Parade, Wellington. These pieces needed to fit perfectly in the space, yet also be movable and reused in subsequent apartments.