Karaoke Cupboard

A large cupboard for karaoke. Three exterior faces each have a 42” plasma TV that broadcasts the interior from the corresponding point of view. The last face features a doorway and a mid length curtain, for entry. The interior contains a large sound system, visualisers, mixers, fog machine, lighting, food, beverages and instru- ments. The … Continued


Erathem is a collaborative exhibition between Te Whanganui-a-Tara based artists Dayle Palfreyman (BFA) and Nick Shackleton (BSc). Combining Dayle’s conceptual art background with Nick’s Geological and Geophysical education, the two aim to present complex geological knowledge in an art context. Predominantly working in sculpture and installation, the show expands on the mediums the artists generally … Continued


A mask that hangs off a chain block attached to a ceiling. The mask has four 19” Dell monitors on the exterior, four micro cameras on the LED lit inside of the mask. Each screen broadcasts the corresponding camera inside the box. The interactions between the viewer and participant, highlight the effects and feelings of … Continued


A console gaming unit containing the four gaming consoles I grew up playing, as well as my entire collection of games. The unit is stocked with energy drinks and Doritos, contributing towards the gaming stereotype. This piece is nostalgic; it is simply a way of recounting childhood memories and feelings. Ideally it invokes these feelings for … Continued


A stereo commemorating the age of MP3 collections. MP3’s were the last common form of music collection, until streaming services took over. Seven 1st Generation iPod Shuffles supply the collection of music played on the stereo. Each iPod Shuffle contains a different genre of music. The music on each iPod Shuffle is carefully selected from … Continued